Objectives of DIME – DIgital MEdia project

1) Design and implement a bespoke in-service training programme for adult and community educators that supports them to use digital media production and digital media platforms as robust, pertinent and highly attractive learning environments. This in-service training will include ab initio instruction in video and audio production and post-production using open source software.

2) Design and develop a comprehensive suite of digital media embedded learning and enquiry-based learning key competence resources for use with marginalised young adults in formal and non-formal settings. These will include: – ab initio instruction in video and audio production to develop their digital competence – a range of media based, embedded-learning resources to build social and civic competence; and cultural awareness and expression – a range of enquiry based learning resources essential for media production like research, planning and budgeting to address literacy, numeracy, and critical thinking competences

3) To provide a seriesĀ of virtual learning and collaborative environments that bring adult and community educators in 8 countries and young marginalised adults in 8 countries together to support exchange of best practice, stimulate collaborative endeavors and raise awareness of cultural diversity.

Target Groups

The DIME project is not primarily about digital media: it is a project about developing specific key competences; about responsibility, tolerance, respect and inclusion. It is a project that gives voice to young adults and in doing so will cultivate attitudes, raise awareness and understanding. The project will focus on the personal development and inclusion of young marginalised adults for whom formal education has failed. Digital media production is the medium; not the message. Key target groups are adult and community educators for whom a bespoke in-service training programme will be developed and the young marginalised adults they work with to develop key their key competences. Developing DIME in a trans-national environment affords partners the opportunity to explore the potential of the digital media environment for bespoke learning and guidance provision and to learn from the experiences of others who bring specific media production skills to the table.
Partners are from: Czech Republic, UK, Turkey, Italy, Croatia, Poland, Finland and Ireland

More information at: www.dimeproject.eu