Europe aims at a European Community that is entrepreneurial, innovative and open and with more and better jobs, social cohesion and respect for the environment, based on the new technologies and ICT.

In today`s European society there are a lot of people (unemployed, socio-economically disadvantaged, disabled, retired, mothers in maternity etc.) who have temporary or permanently no possibility to go to work. A majority of these people have particular skills, knowledge, interests, hobbies which they could transform in their professions and income source using the advantage of the vast possibilities which e-business (web access, websites, e-marketing, social networks, e-trade, e-mail / lists, online forums, e-learning, discussion boards, e-banking etc.) contains.

The project aims to reach such people, inspire them and give them the guidelines for beginning a new business or beginning a new learning course for a new profession.

Target groups:

– unemployed people

– socio-economically disadvantaged people

– disabled people

– retired people

– mothers in maternity period


– research and analyze of the utilization of e-business

– identifying of different types of e-business

– good practice analysis

– collection of best practices and face to face meetings of their representatives with target group representatives

– on-line forums

– interactive surveys

Specific objectives:

– make the target group representatives more aware and competent about new possibilities for being active both professionally and socially.

– provide the target group with knowledge on specific terminology in the fields of e-business, bookkeeping and national taxation systems in order to improve their language and mathematical skills and to gain basic financial capacities.

– promote new job opportunities for the target group.

– encourage the target group using new technologies.

– establishing a strong international partnership team for future work in this area.


– “10 Steps Towards Your E-business” guides for different e-business types.

– National events, seminars, workshops.

Website of the projecthttp://www.10-ebusiness-steps.eu


Cooperatieve Vereniging Pressure Line U.A. (The Netherlands) –coordinator

FH Joanneum GmbH University of Applied Sciences (Austria)

Institut Francilien de Formations et de Conseils (France)

FEderación Valenciana de Empresas Cooperativas de Trabajo Asociado (Spain)

ALUNO Educational Centere Ltd. (Hungary)