The project is co-financed by the Czech Republic Government within the Human resources and employment operational Programme (reference no. CZ.1.04/5.1.01/77.00067).

The joint objective of partners is to establish and operate a thematic network – Career advice for long-term unemployed people.

The joint objective of the project partners is to exchange experience and to transfer know-how in career (professional) counselling for long-term unemployed people. The term “know-how” in our project represents well-tried and innovative experience, methods, techniques or procedures in career counselling.

Specific objectives and Outcomes:

– Identify successful and innovative know-how in individual countries (Denmark, Norway, Spain, Czech Republic).

– Make working visits of the foreign experts in the Czech Republic and working visits of the Czech experts in 3 countries. Learn the know-how of the project partners.

– Adapt this know-how and put it into practice in the Czech organizations that participate in the project.

– Make a selection of know-how which is suitable for expansion into other organizations in the Czech Republic and other countries.

– Prepare efficient tools to disseminate the foreign know-how (training course, a book, CD).

– Implement the training course and efficiently disseminate the selected know-how into other organizations that work with long-term unemployed people.

The first product is represented by the training course. The second product is represented by the know-how set which will be published and disseminated in the form of book and the CD.


Reintegra (Czech Republic) – coordinator

Oblastni Charita Uherske Hradiste (Czech Republic)
Agapo (Czech Republic)
Aklub (Czech Republic)
Atawena (Czech Republic)
OPUS Hadsel (Norway)
Huset Venture (Denmark)
Instituto de Formación y Estudios Sociales – IFES (Spain)