COSIMA is a project that aims at adapting an instrument for simulating business processes initially developed in Germany – the FIS (Factory In the Seminar room) of the “Learning Factory” – to the situation of young people in career orientation, apprenticeships and adolescent employees (<25 years), and at transferring it to all participating partner countries.

The FIS of the “Learning Factory” offers to employees process optimization methods under the form of a simulation game covering a company´s planning processes.

It provides a new and more detailed view of the business and its processes, whilst employees also become aware of more effective ways of working and gain useful skills (independent learning, ability to work in a team, analysis, communication and intercultural competences) in a creative and playful way.

Specific objectives:

Development of modules and training materials (intercultural competences, methods of process optimization) and pedagogical and didactic concepts

Testing of training materials and working instructions for organisation of a simulation game of the “Learning Factory”

Target groups:

– Trainers in vocational education;

– Trainees from different industries;

– Young people in career orientation, apprenticeships and adolescent employees (<25 years)

– Skilled workers, master craftsmen, executive

– Human Resources



– Organisation of “train-the-trainer course” during which the trainers of the project partners are intensively and integrally instructed in the method and application of the “Learning Factory”.

– National trainings in all partner countries to further spread the “Learning Factory” method.

– Translation of the training materials into the languages of the participating countries.

– Organisation of national trainings for young people in career orientation, apprenticeships and adolescent employees, as a means to adapt and transfer the “Learning Factory” instrument.


Website of the project



bfw – Unternehmenn für Bildung (Germany) – coordinator

Learning Factory Beratung & Training (Germany)

Instituto de Formación y Estudios Sociales – IFES (Spain)

Höhere Technische Bundeslehranstalt Wolfsberg (Austria)

Sociedade Portuguesa de Inovação (Portugal)

Campus Varberg (Sweden)

Sihtasutus Junior Achievement Eesti (Estonia)

AKLUB (Czech Republic)