The ENLL Project is co-financed by the European Commission within the Lifelong Learning Programme, Grundtvig action (reference no. 504632-LLP-1-2009-1-BG-GRUNDTVIG-GNW).

E-N.L.L is a network, planned to promote cooperation for offering learning opportunities for learning in Later Life.

Although the problem looks well-known and explored in European level, it states much more issues than what is visible at the first glance. Elderly people need different approach to be involved into learning, specific learning paths and encouraging support, and on the other point, the training institutions need additional support to switch to elderly audience. Moreover, the new LLP actions offer new possibilities for learning in later life, incl. mobilities and volunteering, but they need to be made popular and operational amongst the stakeholders.

A lot of European projects and networks are discussing the ideas of senior education and offering tools and approaches.

The network activities will impact both the senior citizens in the partnering countries, who will learn more about the new opportunities, and the stakeholders on provisional level that will be offered new collaboration models.

– To share knowledge and disseminate good practices for learning in later life and intergenerational learning amongst various adult education providers. The good practices will cover various educational areas (key competences, ICT skills, foreign languages, social competencies, economics, environment, gardening and agriculture, handicrafts, art, leisure time activities, sport, etc.).
– To promote cooperation between the education providers, NGOs, civil society and social partners at national and European level for identifying the present and future needs for learning in later life and support the stakeholders to initiate new initiatives, including cooperation projects.
– To promote social dialogue in the communities.

– Guide of Good Practices existing at European level.
– Reference Library: on-line collection of materials for promotion of learning in later life and contact data of senior citizens’ education providers
– National reports: overview of the existing situation and present and future learning needs for senior citizens
– Newsletters.
– National and international workshops and conferences.

Website of the projecthttp://www.enll.eu


Znanie Association (Bulgaria) coordinator

Future in Europe (Bulgaria)
KU TU Ltd (Bulgaria)
SEK (Bulgaria)
TEMPO TRAINING & CONSULTING s.r.o. (Czech Republic)
bfw – Berufsfortbildungswerk Gemeinnützige Bildungsseinrichtung (Germany)
BIT – Büro für internationale Transfers und Beratung (Germany)
ESTA Bildungswerk (Germany)
Gesellschaft für Europabildung e.V. (Germany)
ANKA – Development Agency of Karditsa S.A. (Greece)
DIAN Publications-Educational programs-Consulting (Greece)
IFES – Instituto de Formación y Estudios Sociales (Spain)
Studio Taf (Italy)
Executive Coaching Solutions Limited (Ireland)
Soros International House (Lithuania)
Stichting Reflexion / The Reflexion Foundation (Netherlands)
de Plannenmakers (Netherlands)
die Berater (Austria)
Asociatia pentru Educatie Permanenta in Mediul Rural (Romania)
Jukka Kallio EU-project and enterprise development (Finland)
Lancaster & Morecambe College (United Kingdom)ECAP (Switzerland)