Europe of the 27 – Welcome Bulgaria and Romania


The project “Europe of the 27 – Welcome Bulgaria and Romania” (CSP-2007-127) is co-financed by the European Union within the Community Programme “Europe for Citizens” Action2 –Measure 3 and aims at promoting the Romanian and Bulgarian cultures, as well as the German culture through an interactive website that functions as an access portal to these countries with information on different cultural aspects that aren’t usually dealt with on the Internet. The innovative element consists of the fact that the 3 topics (Romanian, Bulgarian and German) are treated in a comparative interactive way.

The partnership of the project has worked together on the elaboration of an interactive comparative intercultural study that is available online, on CD-ROM and printed format.
As the target group of the project is the general public, the most important part of the project has consisted of the dissemination and information campaigns that have accompanied the production of the website and the interactive study. The activities have included 15 local seminars in the 3 countries and a final international conference on 9th May 2008 celebrating thus the Day of Europe, as well as European Year of Intercultural Dialog 2008.

The aim has been not only to promote the 3 European cultures, but also to raise debate and reflection on European values, European citizenship and democracy that have been achieved not only during the seminars, conference and information campaigns but also by inviting people to join the discussions on the forum of the website, as we can’t ignore the impact of ICT in today’s society.


  • Intercultural website that functions as a portal for promoting the Romanian, Bulgarian and German cultures:
  • Discussion forum on the project website:
  • Intercultural study (available in EN, RO, DE, BG, in printed, CD and online format on the project website);
  • Research reports for Romanian, Bulgarian and German cultures (available in EN, RO, DE, BG, in printed and online format on the project website);
  • 15 local dissemination seminars in the 3 partner countries;
  • International conference 9th May 2008 (conference website:; CD of the conference also available);
  • newsletters, brochures, flyers to disseminate the project.


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Romanian Society for Lifelong Learning, (Romania)coordinator

Berufsfortbildungswerk des DGB gGmbH (bfw) – Unternehmen für Bildung Competence Center EUROPA, (Germany)

Drugestvo ZNANIE – Sofia, (Bulgaria)