GATOM– Gearing Adult Education towards Occupational Mobility


The project “Gearing Adult Education towards Occupational Mobility“ is aimed at identifying training measures for workers who strive for an occupational change, using the example of three occupations (assistant nurse, cook and plumber/installer) in seven European countries. Furthermore the acceptance of these measures from the perspective of the companies is analysed and training needs of the target group are identified.

nterviews with employers and employees (5 per occupation) are carried out and evaluated. Recommendations and implications are derived from this in terms of promoting professional mobility through tailor-made training measures. This is documented in national reports and summed up in one European report.

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KMU Research – Austrian Institute for SME Research (Austria) –coordinator

Berufsfortbildungswerk des DGB, Competence Center EUROPA (Germany)

Small Business Institute, Turku School of Economics and Business Administration (Finland)

Tom Martin & Associates (Ireland)

Entrepreneurship and Economic Development Research Institute (EEDRI) at the Academy of Management (Poland)

Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania CCIR (Romania)

Ikei research & consultancy (Spain)

Schweizerischer Verband für Weiterbildung SVEB (silent partner – Switzerland)