NET – Network for Environmental Training


The project will establish the Network for Environmental Training with the aim of sharing knowledge, experience and good practice, and promote transnational co-operation in the field of study.
Activities of the network  will include the development of an Internet portal of environmental issues such as reports, data-bases, forums, etc. The partners will compile relevant training materials, and innovative methodologies applicable to environmental training. The network will disseminate results and products from previous projects funded by different European programmes.
The network will develop several reports describing the situation of vocational training in the environmental area at national and European level.
The results, products and outcomes of the project will be disseminated by the network members from the beginning of the project and will continue even after the project has finished. TIC will play an important role in the dissemination through the project’s Internet portal. The partners will also contribute to the dissemination through several transnational meetings in different countries. The network Euroreso will co-operate in this task spreading the project results at European level.

This project presents a multi-player partnership with a common interest in vocational training. The network is formed by 19 organisations from 15 different countries. The project includes a high variety of players with multiple backgrounds, gathering organisations with different especialisation in this field of study. The partnership considers from the begining the addition of new members with an interesting profile for the aim of the network. It includes both private and public organisations, some of them political decision-makers, wich contributes to ensure the consolidation, sustainability and long term viability of the network beyond the lifetime of the project.


Instituto de Formación y Estudios Sociales Institute for Training and Social Studies(Spain) – coordinator

AMADEUS Association(Austria).

Дружество “Знание”Znanie Association (Bulgaria)

Berufsfortbildungswerk des DGB (bfw) Zweigniederlassung Rhein-Neckar-Tauber(Germany)

Berufsfortbildungswerk gemeinnützige Bildungseinrichtung des DGB GmbH (bfw) Zweigniederlassung Schleswig-Holstein(Germany).

TRANSBIT GmbH(Germany).


Development Agency of Karditsa (AN.KA.)  s.a.(Greece).

Eco-Consultants S.A.(Greece) .


Società Consortile ASS.FOR.SEO a r.l.(Italy).

Lietuvos darbo rinkos mokymo tarnyba
Lithuanian Ministry of Social Security and labour Lithuanian Labour Market Training Authority(Lithuania).

HipocausTo – Gabinete de Prestação de Serviços, Lda(Portugal)

Agentúra pre Regionály Rozvoj v Ziline
Agency for Regional Development in Zilina(Slovakia)

DEMOS European Consultancy Ltd.(United Kingdom).

ECAP (Switzerland).