PROMET(H)EO– PROmote Migrant Education and Training in Europe


The primary purpose is the exchange of good practices and methods concerning linguistic, professional and cultural integration of migrants as a key strategy to prevent social exclusion of this target.
The project is also focused on community development as the basis through which host countries can support the empowerment of migrants and their participation in the local community as well as to promote intercultural dialogue.
The partnership will involve migrants as adults learners of the various participant organisations and will explore with them the different approaches that can be found in Europe about active citizenship, language learning and multicultural dialogue.
It will also involve teachers and training designers, from private and public organisations (local authorities and national administrators) for the development of professional courses for migrants.
The partners will exchange and explore all the different types of the existing approaches in their organisations / areas in order to compare methods and develop a guide for building an active European citizenship with the migrants.
The main project activities will include workshops, study visits and exchange among the partners and with the involvement of the key actors in their territories.


Consorzio per la Formazione, l’Innovazione e la Qualità (Italy) –coordinator

Educational Excellence Cooperation Ltd (Cyprus)


Ressurssenter for arbeid og integrering, Bydel Alna, Oslo kommune (Norway)

Piteå Kommun, Förvaltningen för arbetsmarknad och vuxenutbildning (Sweeden)

Highlands and Islands Enterprise (United Kingdom)

Instituto de Formación y Estudios Sociales (Spain)