QUELO;- European Quality For Guidance


Starting from the idea that all the young, irrespective of the geographical area they live in, are attracted by the new


  • the methodology of BdC was borne in France, where it has been given legal identity by a law approved in 1991. In France, the BdC is practiced all over the national territory through the CIBC (Interinstitutional Centres of BdC);
  • in 2000, the CIBC and the National Centres for Guidance Resources developed a process of certification through which European institutions working with the BdC could get the “European quality – BdC” brand;
  • in June 15th 2005 the European Federation of the BdC and Vocational Guidance Centres (Fédération Européenne des Centres de Bilan et d´Órientation Professionnelle) was founded. It is composed of European bodies already having or on their way to get the Quality certification, together with structures and experts of BdC and vocational guidance using methodologies based on the same principles. The European Federation has the following aims:
    • promote the BdC and similar methodologies in a lifelong guidance, education and training framework also through the possibility to recognize and validate the competences acquired;
    • promote and develop the process of certification “European quality – BdC”.

The process of certification “European quality – BdC”
Actually, this process is the only evaluation and certification tool to assess the quality of the European institutes applying the BdC methodology.

Quality assessment in providing a BdC is based on a multidimensional analysis:

  • the professional level of BdC counsellors
  • the multidisciplinarity of the BdC team
  • the correct application of the methodology in realizing the whole procedure
  • the possibility of innovation, in order to meet individual needs and labour market changes
  • the assessment and updating concerning the BdC activity.

Due to its being precise and complete, it is a particularly effective evaluation tool representing a best practice to be spread all over Europe.

The project main objectives

  1. transfer and adapt the certification process “Qualitè Europe de bilan de competences” to the different European contexts
  2. definition of the path for the quality certification of individual guidance path that could be used in Europe;
  3. establish a European net aimed at enhancing guidance quality and meant at carrying out research and development activities that continue also once the project is over.

Foreseen Activities

  • Best practices dissemination of de Bilan de competence as well as of the process of certification “ Qualité Europe bilan de compétence”
  • Participation of new institution and widening of the already existing ones
  • Research on the related laws, the labour market, and the guidance methodologies in the partners countries
  • Definition of a process of certification of quality in individual guidance that can be adapted to the different countries
  • Validation of the mentioned process realized by guidance institutions of the involved countries
  • Dissemination of the realized process of certification
  • Implementation of a transnational net aimed at reaching quality in the guidance field


      • A web multi- language web site answering the access criteria
      • A research on employment laws, training, labour market and guidance, in the partners countries
      • An handbook on the process of certification of quality on individual guidance practices.
      • A CD of the material elaborated in the frame of the project

The partnership is made of organization coming from different European Countries as well as institutions representing different realities in the field of training and labour (training and guidance institutions, social parts, public organizations, counselling institutions for entreprises, trade unions). The project will also count on already existing European net: The “Féderation Européenne des Centres de Bilan et d’ Orientation Professionnelle, Euroreso and Joint Effort. The project foresees the widening of the mentioned net throughout the participation of related structures.


Ass.For.SEO(Italy) – coordinator

Fédération Européenne des Centres de Bilan et d’Orientation Professionnelle (France).


BFW Berufsfortildungswerk Des Dgs(Germany).

Instituto de Formación y Estudios Sociales(Spain)


Lietuvos darbo rinkos mokymo tarnyba(Lithuania).


ANOP -Associação Nacional de Oficinas de Projecto(Portugal) .

ICE-Instituto de Ciencias de la Educacion  Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain).

NIdiL-Cgil (Italy).

Joint Effort – Allianz Europäischer Bildungsträger EWIV (Germany).



Institute of Education University of London (United Kingdom).